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The Girl And The Elephant Story For Children

I Need a place to hide!

The runaway elephant from the circus was shocked to see the girl. It was her first time meeting an elephant so near, so she also was in shock.

The elephant was a run away from the circus. It requested the girl to show him a place to hide. The girl led the elephant to a place where there was a big rock. The elephant went hiding behind the rock. But he was so big he couldn’t hide properly.

They searched for the elephant all the place, but couldn’t find it. So they left for another place to search for the elephant. When the people left, the girl asked the elephant to come out.

“Oops, that was a close miss. I thought they would find you. But they have mistaken you as another rock, so you got yourself saved because of that,” said the girl. The elephant thanked the girl for rescuing him.

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