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The Frog King Who Refused To Leave The Pond

I'm Good Here!

A small boy was playing a ball near the pond. The boy kicked the ball which sent the ball a distance away. The boy started looking for the missing ball and got the ball near a pond.

The boy saw a frog in the pond. It was a green frog, a very handsome guy.

“Hey, Mr. Frog, why don’t you come with me? I will give you a nice home to stay and everything you want, you’ll get it. A beautiful frog like you deserves a better place to live!” said the boy.

“I am sorry, kid. I won’t leave this pond. I am the king of this pond. If I come with you, this pond will be conquered by our enemies. I am glad that you invited me. Come here often. We will talk and play,” said the frog.

“Sure, I will come here because I like frogs. Next time I come, I will spend more time with you,” said the boy. He took the ball to continue playing.

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Green frog lovely

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