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The Fish Who Saved A Lion

Hey, there is an underwater croc

A lion was sitting by the riverside, watching the fish swim. Suddenly, one of the fish called out, “Hey, you are in danger! There is a crocodile under the water. You better stay away from this place, or the crocodile will grab you and pull you under the water.”

The lion looked around cautiously and spotted the lurking crocodile. “Thank you for warning me,” he said to the fish. “I didn’t realize there was danger here.”

“You must be careful,” continued the fish. “The crocodile is very sneaky and always on the lookout for an unsuspecting animal to catch.”

The lion nodded and slowly backed away from the water’s edge. “I will find a safer place to rest,” he said. “But I have to thank you for your kindness. If you ever need help, please call on me.”

The fish smiled and replied, “We look out for each other here. Stay safe, lion.”

The lion found a shady spot under a tree, a safe distance from the river. As he settled down, he felt grateful for the fish’s warning. From that day on, he always kept an eye out for his new friends in the river and made sure to avoid the dangerous waters where the crocodile lurked.

And so, the lion and the fish became friends, watching out for each other and living happily in their shared home. The lion learned that sometimes, even the smallest creatures can offer the greatest help, and it’s always good to listen to advice from friends.

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