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A Summer Dream

Wow, this pure water tastes honey

The baby elephant wandered in the forest and reached a beautiful place. The baby elephant was never there before. It was such a beautiful place he decided to spend the day there. Everything was different there, peaceful and beautiful.

The baby elephant drank water from a river flowing calmly through that place. The water tasted like heaven. Everywhere it was happiness, birds flying around, butterflies on bright flowers.

“Wow, am I in a real paradise?” he thought. Suddenly, a monster appeared from the river and grabbed the elephant’s leg. The monster was a big one with an ugly face.

The elephant did its best to escape the.. But the monster tightened its grip on the leg of the elephant.

“Help me from this monster. It is going to kill me!” the baby elephant cried loudly.

“Hey, baby, why are you crying? What happened? Where is the monster,” it was the elephant’s mother who came running after hearing the baby’s cry.

The baby elephant opened its eyes and saw its mother. “Oh, I just had a dream, a bad dream. A monster grabbed me while I was drinking water from a river,” said the relieved baby elephant.

Don’t worry, baby. Let’s go in search of water. The rivers are all drying up,” said mother elephant. Both baby and mother elephant joined a herd wandering for water.

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