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The Dancing Elephant

I'm so happy today

A bird saw an elephant who was dancing all the way. The elephant was so happy.

“You look so happy today. Please let me know what makes you dancing?” asked the bird.

“I am very happy today. I got a new friend who promised me a lot of bananas if I go with him,” said the elephant.

“Who is your friend? Where is he taking you?” the curious asked the bird.

“He is a monkey living in that tree near the river. He is taking me to a banana plantation,” said the elephant.

“You are very young. So I have a piece of advice for you. Please don’t go to the banana plantation with that monkey. The plantation is heavily guarded by people who cultivate them. You will be caught by people if you go there with that monkey,” said the bird.

“Go away, don’t spoil my happiness. No more advice. Tomorrow I am going with my monkey friend,” was the elephant’s arrogant reply

“It’s your wish. I just warned you said the bird and flew away.

Next day, the elephant and the monkey sitting on the back of the elephant set out for their Banana adventure.

They reached the place in the afternoon. The plantation was full of bananas. “Wow, this is heaven,” said the elephant.

“Let’s go inside,” said the monkey.

The elephant walked into the plantation.  The moment the elephant stepped into the plantation, they heard a big sound. They saw that they were surrounded by people.

“Hey, it’s a problem. I am leaving, bye, bye,” said the monkey, and it vanished into the forest. The elephant was caught by people, and they sent to the zoo where he lives now.

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