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The Coco Monkey Adventures

Let me climb the tree

Hey, what is this monkey doing here? I suppose this monkey is not an ordinary monkey. It is climbing a coconut tree. Wherever the monkey sees a coconut tree, it climbs the tree.

Don’t worry! This monkey will never fall from a tree because he is an expert at climbing the tree. He has a tight grip on the tree. Even the monkey can jump from one coconut tree to nearby trees.

The monkey climbs the tree not just for fun. When the monkey reaches the top of three, it does something interesting. Let’s see what it will do from the top of the tree. Now the monkey got to the top of the tree.

Hey, he’s dropping something. Oh, it is a coconut from the tree. When the coconut falls from the high tree, the coconut rips apart, hitting the rock under the tree.

Now the monkey comes down and eats the coconut. Wow, look at that how the monkey eats the coconut with its two hands. There are plenty of coconut trees on the seashore, so there is no shortage of coconuts.

Here he is going to climb that coconut tree. Wow, how fast he climbs the tree.

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