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Finding The Sweet Water Secret

This tastes sweet

They Are On A Mission!

“Hey, what’s the matter, this water tastes so sweet?”

“Yeah, this water tastes so good! We should find the secret behind it, let’s go and find out,” the two friends walked alongside the river. After walking a few miles, they reached a place where they saw some people were hard at work.

This water so sweet!

“Hey, look at that, what they are doing? I think these people are behind the sweet waters. I know how they are making the water sweet. It’s a sugar factory you see there. Truckloads of sugarcanes are dumped here and they are made into sugar. Now we found the secret to why the water tastes so sweet. Let’s go back and drink it more! Let’s call it a mission fulfilled.”

Both the friends returned to their home and continued to enjoy the sweet waters.

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