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Once Upon A Flood Time

Please Help Me!

It was a mid-summer afternoon. Animals in the forest were in a sleepy mood after having their lunch. Everything was pleasant and silent. The elephant was sleeping in the woods.

The elephant woke up hearing a strange noise. “Hey, what’s happening around us?” the elephant asked the wandering monkey. The monkey had fear in his eyes, who looked terrified sitting at the top of a tree. “Hey, it’s a thunderstorm on our way,” the monkey replied.

Suddenly, it started raining. The rain was so heavy, and it was continuously raining. Soon the forest was submerged in the flash flood. Animals were frantically running here and there to escape from the rising waters.

Soon, the sleeping elephant found himself amid floodwaters, swimming and crying for help. The elephant didn’t understand what was happening. The floodwater took the elephant to another place, away from dear and near ones. The elephant cried for help as loudly. But nobody was there to hear the elephant plead for help.

In the village, people saw a new elephant in the river. They were afraid of the elephants from the forest. Usually, elephants from the forest turn violent when they see people. The forest officials rescued the elephant who took him to a nearby elephant rescue center. There he received a lot of pampering and care and was fed with food he loved. He was happy again.

After a few days, he was taken back to the forest where he came from. The elephant thanked people for the care they showed to him. He waved his trunk and said goodbye to everybody with tears in his eyes. He walked deep into the forest to tell his family about his floodwater adventures.

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