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Monkey's Unforgettable Horse Ride

Go faster!

“Let’s go riding,” the monkey asked the horse.

“Why not? Let’s go. But be careful! When I run faster, you may fall. For your safety, I will walk only,” said the horse.

“Are you saying I am a coward? I am a fearless monkey who is open to any challenge. In fact, I love challenges, an expert in anything I do. Have you seen me flying from tree to tree? If you had seen me doing that, you would not tell me that. Now, let’s go,” said the monkey, and he jumped from the tree to the horseback.

The horse started walking because he feared that the monkey might fall. But the monkey kept on insisting that the horse should run faster so that he could enjoy the ride. So, the horse increased its speed and began to run faster.

When the horse increased the speed, the monkey found that it was not easy as he thought. He had difficulty balancing himself on the horseback. But the monkey was not ready to admit that. “Faster, faster,” the monkey kept on screaming. The horse was at full speed, but he didn’t hear anything from the monkey. The horse thought the monkey was still on its back, enjoying his ride.

After running for some time, the horse stopped and looked back. The monkey was not there.

“He must have fallen. I should go and look for him,” thought the horse.

The horse rode back and saw the monkey lying on the ground crying in pain. The monkey had fallen from the horseback.

“I am sorry, dear,” said the horse.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Horse. It is not your fault. It happened because of my overconfidence,” said the monkey. Let me take some rest here,” said the monkey.

“Ok, I will also wait here. When you are ok, I can take you to your home,” said the horse.

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