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Don't Be So Fast In Judging Others

Don't Be So Lazy Baby!

A bird saw an elephant who was sitting under the shade of a tree where she was living. She flew down to the ground to have a word with the elephant about the elephant being so lazy.

“Why are you sitting idle all the time? Do some job, keep yourself busy. Look at me, have you ever seen me sitting idle? I have plenty of stuff to do,” said the bird to the elephant. The elephant didn’t reply anything to the bird. “You are even lazy to reply, I pity you!” said the bird as she flew to the top of the tree. Still, the elephant didn’t say anything.

That afternoon, there was an eastern wind blowing. The tree was shaking in the wind. The bird was worried the tree would fall in the wind.  Children are inside the house. The poor bird cried for help. The elephant, who was still sitting under the tree, sprang to action. He stood behind the tree giving support to the tree from the wind.  After a few minutes, the wind stopped.

The bird family was greatly relieved. “Thank you very much for supporting our home from falling. I appreciate your timely help. I am sorry about being rude today morning. Now I realize that everybody has his job in helping each other!” said the bird. The elephant had a smile on his face as he walked away!

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