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Baby Bear On The Chariot

Will you take me for a ride?

“Hey, Mr. Horse, where are you going?” asked the baby bear who came out of the woods to see the horse and the chariot he was pulling along.

“Sh, Sh, my master is sleeping. We are going to the market to collect some goods from the market,” said the horse.

“Oh, I see. Will you give me a free ride on your chariot?” asked the bear.

“Ok, get inside. Don’t make any noise. Hide inside the chariot,” said the horse.

The baby bear was so happy that he crept into the chariot. The master woke up after some time, and they began to ride again. Soon, they reached the market. It was a busy market day. People were exchanging goods, and the horse chariot filled up with goods the master brought from the market.

The poor baby bear had no idea where he was and started crying. Then the master saw the baby bear.

“Don’t worry, baby. I will leave you in your place on our way back,” said the master. The baby bear was happy. On their way back, they reached that place where the baby bear started his journey.

The mother bear was waiting there patiently for her baby. Seeing the mother, the baby was happy and ran to her.

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