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Hippos And The Croc

When the hippos arrived, they had an unwelcoming guest waiting in the lake. It was a crocodile, that won’t allow the hippos to submerge in the water.

“Hello, Mr. Crocodile, will you please give us some space in the lake. For ages, this lake belongs to us, Hippos. Without this lake, we won’t be able to survive the summer. We cool or bodies by hiding ourselves in the water. Coul you please allow us to enter into the lake,” requested the Hippo leader.

But the crocodile was adamant. He didn’t allow the hippos to enter the lake. The Hippo leader and the crocodile started an argument. That argument evolved into a big fight. Finally, the Hippo won. The crocodile had to flee.

If the crocodile had honored the Hippo request he could stay in the lake with the Hippos. Instead he chose to fight with the hippos, resulting in his own defeat.

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