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Glad To Meet You

Ah, Here You Are!

“Glad to meet you, dear son, It seems you are in a hurry, now there is no need to hurry as you are going to be my lunch happy now?” the fox said laughing at the poor baby rabbit. The baby rabbit didn’t know what to do next. He knew he can’t escape from the fox that easy, because the fox is very cunning and cruel. He had heard about the fox stories a lot from his mother. “Son, you must be alert about the fox,” his mother always advised the baby rabbit.  If the baby could outsmart the fox then he can save himself.

You might get killed by him thinking that you are stealing his lunch

“Oh, Fox uncle, I am also glad to meet you. I am in a hurry because I am going to the Lion King. I am supposed to be his lunch today. It’s already late, and the lion might be searching for me by now. He may come here searching for me.

Oops, here the king lion comes. If he sees you, you might get killed by him thinking that you are stealing his lunch,” the baby rabbit said. Hearing about the lion, the fox got afraid and ran away without looking back once. The baby rabbit laughed at the cunning fox running for his life. He patted himself on the shoulder because he outsmarted the fox. He went home happy singing a victory bunny song.

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