Foodie Rabbit Story Learnt A New Lesson

fox and the rabbit story
Hey, Mr, You Are In A Trap!

Do you know anybody who forgets everything before tasty food? Here is a story of a foodie rabbit who had a bad habit of forgetting himself before something tasty.

One day, the foodie rabbit was jumping around the wild bush, saw a carrot. It was a fresh, bright one, lying near him. The rabbit almost forgot himself, very happy about the carrot.

The rabbit turned selfish. “Ok, I will grab this carrot, will eat it right away, so that I don’t have to share it with anybody,” thought the rabbit. The rabbit was about to grab the carrot.

“Hey, it’s a trap, it’s a trap, escape for your life., It’s a trap by the cunning fox to catch you,” the bird alarmed the rabbit. The rabbit looked around and saw the fox who was coming running to him. Somehow, he managed to escape the fox, thanks to the timely warning of the bird. Later the bird reached to the rabbit.

“Hey, Mr. rabbit, today you escaped just because I saw you at the right time. You should never forget yourself before anything,” advised the bird.

“Thanks for your timely help Mr. Bird, and this great piece of advice. I will never ever forget myself whatever may come across,” said the rabbit.


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