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Elephant And Walking Rock

It's A Walking Rock!

The elephant saw a rock, but he noticed something strange happening. The rock started moving slowly. “Hey, I can’t believe it! A rock got legs and is walking. There is some kind of magic with the rock”, thought the elephant. The rock walked away slowly as the elephant ran to his friend to tell him what he saw.

“Are you kidding? I can’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes,” said his friend. “Ok, then you come with me and see yourself,” said the elephant. The elephant took his friend to see the walking rock.

“Hey, it’s a tortoise that you have mistaken as a walking rock because of its outer shell. If anybody tries to attack a tortoise, it will go inside its shell, and the predators think it’s a rock and leave the tortoise,” said the other elephant.

“You are a genius, my dear friend.  I am not a rock, but just another animal. I wanted to tell your friend about it, but he was so excited and didn’t wait for me to tell him who am I. This outer garment is a gift from god to safeguard us from our predators. The only thing we have to make sure that as soon as we sense a hunting animal, we have to act!” said the tortoise as he walked away. The two elephant friends smiled at each other on learning something new that day.

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