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Stay Away From Him!

Elephant And The Lion Value Of Friendship

Elephant and a lion are brave and ready to help anybody in need. They worked as a perfect team to help others. Together both of them walked and helped other animals who are in danger. One day they saw a rabbit. The lion wanted to eat it because he was hungry. So he was about to hunt, but the elephant said no. “Don’t eat that poor rabbit,” said the elephant. “Do you want me to die starving?” asked the lion. “We can be friends anymore, now you leave the rabbit alone. When I am around, you can’t eat it,” said the elephant. h

“Ok, I will not eat the rabbit today because I value your friendship. But when I go hunting, please don’t come with me,” said the lion. “Ok, when I am not around, you can hunt any animals, but when I am with you, you should not attack poor animals, but help them,” said the elephant. The lion agreed and went his way to find an animal to eat.