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Elephant And The Frog

elephant and the frog
Please stop spoiling the pond!

One day, a baby elephant came to the pond to play in the water. A frog saw the elephant and started pleading with the elephant not to play in the pond because of her children.

“Hey, Elephant. Please stop spoiling the pond. My children are in the pond, infants and helpless. They can’t go anywhere. Please don’t disturb them,” said the frog.

“Why should I care about your children. I’m here to entertain myself in the pond. How dare you are to ask me stop doing what I love to do?” the elephant was angry at the frog.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant, I am a mother. You don’t know how a mother feels when she sees her children’s life is in danger. Any mother will take the extreme step, even if it costs her own life. Ask your mother, and she will tell you about it,” said the frog.

The elephant returned to its mother and told her about the request frog mother had made in the pond.

“The frog mother was right in stopping you. You never go to that pond respecting the frog mother’s request. Promise me,” said the elephant’s mother.

The baby elephant promised its mother that he will not disturb the frogs again and never returned to the pond anymore.