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Donkey And The Lion, Answering Some Tough Questions

Are you a donkey?

One day a Lion saw a donkey.

“Hey, little donkey, I will ask you a few questions. If you answer them all correct, I will leave you. If you give me wrong answers, I will kill you” said the lion.

The donkey was afraid that he will be killed by the lion.

“Sure, Mr. Lion, you can ask me about anything under the sun, and I have an answer,” replied the donkey, hiding his fear.

“Is that so? Here you go,

Who is the strongest animal in the world?” Asked the lion.

Of course, a lion who is the strongest of all animals,” said the donkey.

“You are right. Here comes the next question.

Who is the most intelligent animal in the world?” the lion asked.

Of course, a lion!,” came the reply.

” That’s the right answer. Here is your final question.
Who is the fastest animal on the earth?” Asked the lion.

Of course, it’s a lion who is the fastest animal in the forest,” said the donkey.

“You answered all my questions correctly. You are an intelligent donkey to answer these tough questions. I think you know everything under the sun, you are free to go,” said the lion.

“Thank you, sir,” the donkey ran as fast as he could before the lion changes it’s mind.

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