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Curiosity Can Sometimes Turn Dangerous

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The young deer, living on the side of a mountain valley, was happy, running all around the mountain valley and making friends. The valley, surrounded by tall mountains, was a safe place for the animals. There was everything one could expect in the mountain valley. There was peace and tranquility everywhere.

On the other side of the mountain, there were a lot of wild predators. Bears, Tigers, and Lions were living there. One day, the deer met a frog in the pond.

“Hey, Deer, you know what is beyond that mountain?” asked the frog.

“I am sorry, I have never visited the other side of the mountain,” said the deer.

“It’s a shame that you have not visited the other side of the mountains. You run fast, still not able to visit the other side of the mountain?” The frog said to the deer.

“I am happy here on this side of the mountain. Why should one go to a strange place if I am satisfied here? Sometimes curiosity will land us in trouble, especially when there is no need for that,” said the deer.

“You are right, young deer. I never thought about it. I also have unnecessary curiosity, but now I will not pursue it,” said the frog.

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