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Bird From Thousands Of Miles Away

I Am Glad To Meet You!

Hello, Ms. Cow. Glad to meet you here. I am flying from thousands of miles away and looking for the right place to settle down. Can you help me out?” the bird requested the cow. She was the first animal the bird met in that new place she landed.

“Sure, I am here to help you. You can settle down on the top of that tree. That’s a good tree, strong and loyal. It will not throw your nest even the wind blows high,” said the cow.

The bird was happy. “Thank you so much for showing interest in me and helping me out. It’s wintertime where I am coming from. So we had no option other than migrating to a new place, and that is why I am here now talking to you,” said the bird.

“You must be tired flying. How was your trip?” asked the cow.

“I am too tired flying non-stop. During our flight, we face all kinds of dangers. But somehow we manage to overcome those issues. Oh, I am very hungry, is there anything to eat?” asked the bird. The cow happily shared food with the bird, and the bird was happy. Both the cow and the bird became friends from that day onwards. That’s how a new friendship is formed!



Birds living in another place reaches out place flying thousands of miles. We should welcome them not with guns, but with cameras.

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