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Big Bro, The Party Animal

I am a party animal!

The big bro bear did it again. Came to the village and made the people frightened with his terror tactics.

This time all he wanted was to steal food from the house. He is very professional in his operation. Once the bear spots a home, the bear fearlessly goes inside, opens the fridge, and takes everything.

Nobody dares to face him. Even the dogs won’t bark because the bear will attack them.

Look at that. The bear inside the house opened the fridge, took the meat, and started eating it.

“Hey, Mr. Bear, why are you stealing our food?” It was a small boy screaming from inside the house. But the bear had no patience to listen to him, busy eating the meat. After he finished eating, the bear walked out of the house.

After the bear left, all the dogs began to bark. Because it was safe to bark when the bear was not around, right?

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