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Bear And His Hibernation

I Am Too Hungry!

“Hey Mr. Bear, Where were you? It’s a long time I have seen you,” the rabbit asked the bear.

“Oh thank you for your concern, Mr. Rabbit. I was sleeping inside my house, we call it hibernation. We have this practice of going to hibernation during the wintertime. It’s a long sleep comfortably inside our home with our family away from the madding crowd. Now our hibernation is over, and we are very hungry. Please let me know if you have seen a honeycomb hanging from the tree,” asked the bear.

“Yes, please come with me,” the rabbit took him to a tree on which a large honeycomb was hanging. “Thank you Mr. Rabbit, this honeycomb looks enough for my family,” said the bear as he climbed the tree and grabbed it. The rabbit also got his share. “Wow, this honey is tasting too sweet, ” said the rabbit. Both the animals went home to share the honey with their family.

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