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Water Baby

Look what i have found

Hey, Come Here. Look At What I Have Found!

A herd of elephants was wandering in the wilderness looking for water. It’s days since they have started from their home. There was no sign of water. The long summer has made the elephants’ life difficult a lot. Under the unforgiving hot day, they walked and walked, but there was no sign of water anywhere. But it’s most important to find water as soon as possible, or they will die. Tired of walking a long distance, the elephants stood under a big tree to take some rest.

“Mom, look here, see what I have found,” the baby elephant screamed excitedly from a distance at the herd of elephants. All elephants moved in that direction where the baby elephant was standing.

What they saw made the elephants dance with joy. They saw a stream of water, pure and crystal clear. Everybody was happy. At last, their search for water comes to an end. They rejoiced and refreshed themselves in the water. h

“You are a bright boy. You saved all of us from the mouth of death. When you grow up, you will become the leader of this herd. I promise you,” said the big elephant leading the herd. The baby elephant was still playing in the water.

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