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Baby Elephant And The Frog

Wow, This Water Is So Sweet!

The baby elephant was worried. There were no rains for the past few months, and all the rivers in the forest dried up. Animals are finding it difficult to get any drinking water. If the situation continues like this, we all will die, said his mother.

“Hey, why are you worried, baby?” he saw a green frog smiling at him. “I am worried because there are no rains, and there is not a drop of water to quench my thirst,” said the baby elephant. “You don’t worry baby, soon these rivers will be flowing with water. If you see me crying, you can make sure that it will rain,” said the frog. The elephant sat on the riverside, watching the frog. Just before the sunset, the frog started crying.

“Hey, it’s going to rain,” screamed the baby elephant. Soon the clouds were in the sky. It was a thunderstorm that followed, and all the rivers were flowing with water. The baby elephant quenched his thirst with the freshwater. He thanked the frog to let him know about the rain.

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