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A Lion Hunting An Elephant

I Got You!

Hunting An Elephant Is Not That Easy

“Hey, what are you doing? Why are you clinching on my back? Leave me alone,” the elephant shouted at the lion.

“Sorry, Mr. Lion, In case you are not aware, I am hunting you down. I request you to please cooperate. I am hungry. This is the first time I am on an elephant. Make it a success,” said the lion.

The elephant couldn’t stand more and once again requested the lion to leave him alone, but the young lion was trying to make a kill. There is a lot of meat in an elephant, so I should make it, the lion thought.

The elephant ran to a nearby tree, and he crushed the lion against the tree. The lion fell from the elephant and got injured himself. “Please don’t kill me,” the lion pleaded to the elephant and ran away from the elephant.

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