The Little Secret


two rabbits sharing a secret

No we won’t share our secret with you the rabbits told the boy. The little boy was walking through the park. He heard a whispering sound saw two rabbits whispering each other. He was curious to find out what they were talking about.

One of the rabbits said to the boy. “Hey boy, we are talking a secret. Don’t you know the secrets are not meant to be shared, here you are overhearing us? Go away we need some privacy”. The boy had a funny idea. He went to the market and bought a bunch of carrots and again came to the rabbits. Still, the two rabbits were whispering and laughing.

So the boy started eating the carrots in front of them rabbits got distracted. They wanted the carrot and asked the boy to share. They said it’s ok for the boy to stay there and listen to what they were talking. To that boy replied. I don’t need to hear your secret. Secretes are secrets, let it be with you while I enjoy these tasty carrots. 

What I fear most is the story of a little plane