Flower And Honeybird


honey bird sucking from the flower

A honeybird was flying around the flowers collecting honey. He can fly still before a flower to suck honey out of it easily.

Flowers were happy to serve honey to birds because they like to give their best to others. The honeybird approached a flower and asked permission to suck honey out of it. “Why not, it’s all yours” replied the flower. So the bird began to suck honey from the flower with its long beak. It tasted great. Both of them were happy and became friends. The honeybird used to visit the flower almost every day.

One day when he came, the flower was not there. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was smashed by some boys who cleared the area for playing. The bird was sad and cried a lot. He left home without taking honey.

Hey kids, Remember one thing. Our thoughtless actions will affect others happiness.