What I Fear Most


a bird and an airplane

Hello kids, you must have seen me flying above your head. I am an airplane taking people from one part of the world to another. Many think I am fearless. But that is not right. If you ask me what I fear most, I have only one answer. Birds. You might be surprised. Yes it is true. I will tell you an incident.

On a fine morning I was getting ready for the take off from a runway in a faraway place in another part of the world. Suddenly this funny bird appeared from nowhere and started to play around me. He also was trying to talk to me.

I asked him to stay out of my runway if he doesn’t want to get sucked by my powerful engines.  But he was not willing to hear. He came flying closer and closer to me and my engines sucked him and torn him to pieces. Now you know the reason why I fear most is birds coming near to me. Because I don’t want to hurt anybody birds, my passengers and myself.

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