How A Dog Learnt Not To Trust Cats


dog checking the ball

One day, a little dog was playing in the garden. He saw a ball lying on the ground. He wanted to play with it but was not sure how to play the ball. So he grabbed it and started checking the ball with his tiny paws. A smart cat was watching the dog trying to play the ball. He wanted to get the ball from the dog to play with his other cat friends. So he approached the little dog and cunningly asked. “It is a very beautiful ball you have”, the cat started talking to the dog.

“Thanks for your compliment Yes, it is a beautiful ball. I got it but don’t know how to play with it,”  the dog replied. “Oh, that is not a problem I can teach you how to play with a ball. You just have to kick it with your leg strongly. You understand? Shall I show you how to do it?” the cat asked Dog. The dog had no clue about the cat’s cheating plan.  “Sure” the dog replied.

The cat kicked the ball very hard to sent it to a long distance out of sight. “Now I know how to play with the ball,” the dog said. 

“Let me go and get the ball while you wait here”. Having said that, the cat disappeared. Poor dog never saw the cat or ball again.

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