Fear The Rogue Elephant


rogue elephant in the wild

He emerged from the dark without making any sound, with his tall body, the elephant stood there staring at them. The travelers got horrified by what they saw.

Rogue elephants are the most dangerous ones. Spotting one we should not provoke it. Just keep calm until it is gone. If provoked, it can even kill us easily.

Elephants generally prefer community living travel in herds. But some male elephants prefer going alone. They are are called Rogue elephants because they are very powerful and dangerous and won’t mingle with the rest of the herd. They are very tall and fear nothing. 

They Rogue elephant fight each other if they come face to face. They don’t think twice before smashing anything that don’t like. They don’t care much about other animals or men. In the wild, if you spot one, it is better not to make any sound slowly retard without him noticed.

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