The Police Car Adventures, A Difficult Mission Accomplished

The police car was chasing a thief car. He asked him to stop but the thief car fitted with special features just ignored his warning. He knew that it is an opportunity he should....Read More

Fear The Rogue Elephant

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Flower And Honeybird

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How A Dog Learnt Not To Trust Cats

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The Little Secret

A little boy was walking through the park. He heard a whispering sound saw two rabbits whispering each other. He was curious to find out what they were talking about. Seeing the....Read More

What I Fear Most

Hello kids, you must have seen me flying above your head. I am an airplane taking people from one part of the world to another. Many think I am fearless. But that is not right. If....Read More

How The Proud Rooster Became Humble

Every morning the rooster wake up early to let the world know that the morning has arrived by his crowing. He believed that the village is coming to life because he is doing his....Read More

The Circus Elephant Little Johnny's Accident

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Bait Or Not Bait? Think Twice Before You Bite!

On a fine beautiful day, the young fish was swimming in the sea. He thought himself smart over others. After a few hours of swimming, he got tired. The hungry fish saw something....Read More

The Smart Tortoise Who Fooled The Hunter Lion

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How A Puppy Saved A Baby Boy From The Snake

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One Day I Will Be Tall Like My Dad

Giraffe saw a baby elephant coming on his way. He asked why he is so small? Baby elephant said he is small because he is a baby when I grow old I will be tall like my father.....Read More

Elephant And The JackFruit

Sleeping under a tree Baby elephant got a pat on its back. It was big jackfruit fallen from the tree. He was happy since he loved that fruit very much and thought its sent by God.....Read More

How Ms. Funny Bunny Won The Beauty Pageant

Ms. Funny bunny decided to participate in Forest beauty pageant. There was an irresistible first prize. It was a basket full of carrots. She got trained herself for the big event.....Read More

Missing Missy, A Short Cat Story

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Navigating Your Life

Have you ever wondered how a big ship is moving? A large number of people are behind the sailing giant. It's the concerted effort of a large number of people. Engineers, Navigators....Read More

Don't Kick Too Hard

Jingo is a funny baby elephant living in a zoo. He thinks very smart of himself and ahead of others in whatever he is doing. But he enjoys the company of kids. Kids who visits the....Read More

Life Of Adrian The Horse

He was a brave horse with strong legs run faster than any other animals. He loved winning races. His friends admired him for his beauty and strength. His name was Adrian. One day....Read More

Let's Play Together, The Value Of Sharing

Two cats friends were playing with a ball they found on the beach. A little boy came on their way. "Hey cats, what are you doing with my ball? give my ball back" the boy said in an....Read More

How Arnold The Elephant Saved His Teeth And His Life

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Three Cats In A Boat

Three cats decided to go sailing. The first cat got the wood from the kitchen. Second cat chiseled them into perfect shape. Third cat joined them together. Finally they had a nice....Read More

The Black Box

Hey kids, I am an airplane flying from continent to continent. I travel long distance carrying passengers traveling for business and holidays. Every day I fly thousands of miles....Read More