Two Squirrels And Fight Over A Nutmeg

"No, it's me who saw it first give it to me. Don't you have any manners? Ah, it's me who saw it first that is why I grabbed it first and you are teaching me manners." Two squirrels....Read More

Jingo Mission Missing Elephant Baby

One more question Jingo, how you are going to find out the missing baby elephant? Asked the Fox journalist. No, I can't tell you that, replied Jingo the Police Elephant. I have my....Read More

The Power Lifter Rat And The Greedy Cat

Please, please leave me alone, the rat pleaded to the cat. The cat named Bingo wanted to make a kill. But the rat's pleading confused the cat. "See Mr.Rat, I don't want to eat you,....Read More

Do You Know Me? I Am Your Heart

You should know me but you have never seen me. Because I am inside you always ticking doing my duty with due diligence. I do all the heavy lifting inside human body pumping....Read More

Smoky Has A Story To Tell You

Hi friends, I am smoky a steam engine who worked for many years and retired now. Steam engines are powerful heroes of yesteryear. We worked tirelessly carrying people, livestock....Read More

How To Overcome Stage Fright

Have you ever wondered how a public speaker hits the stage with a cool speech without struggling for words at the end gets a lot of applause? You will be surprised to learn that....Read More

When The Lion Had His Nose Turned Red

The brave young circus lion got a big surprise that afternoon. The Lioness spotted a big reddish thing on his nose. She laughed at him and told him that the color of his nose has....Read More

The Skillful SkateBoard Dog

Walking through the beach one stray dog saw a skating board lying on the pavement. He became curious about it and wanted to try it. The dog has seen how kids were playing with....Read More

Story Of A Baby Circus Elephant

Hello Kids, I am Jingo a circus elephant. My mother is also a circus elephant who is in the circus for many years and that's how I came here. I have been here from my birth. You....Read More

Folks, It's Going To Be Raining

Two ducks were swimming peacefully in a lake. Every day they come to the lake to enjoy the calm waters and play. There were plenty of stuff to do. Eat, talk again eat and so on.....Read More

How Smarty Fox Reporter Became A News Himself

Winter is a time for the smarty Fox reporter that keep him busy all day. There is something to report every day. Accidents avalanche animal Fights etc. were some of his favorite....Read More

A Miraculous Escape From A Rogue Elephant

He was a Rogue elephant, tall fearsome wild who thrashes anything that comes across. On his way, he spotted something very provocative. Some village children were collecting....Read More

How We Planned To Beat The Summer

"King, you have to take an urgent action before our people are starved to death. It has been months since the last rain. Lack of rain has made the rivers dry. What to do now"?....Read More

Don't Wait For Trouble, Just Escape

Sometimes curiosity can make our life in danger. Stay away from danger by running away from it. Baby deer heard some sound, a kind of drumbeat from a distance that arose her....Read More

How Little Cat Helped A Buffalo For Her Milk

It was a hot summer afternoon. The lazy cat was sleeping in a cattle shed near a buffalo. Suddenly he woke up and yawned and said to himself, it's time to drink some milk. Hey....Read More

Flooding Forest And A Lion's Journey

The forest was thick under the water. It was raining continuously for the past few days. Poor Lion had no place to climb to escape from being drowned in the flooding water. So he....Read More

Don't Mess With The Cats

Missy, Missy where are you? It's not a time to play hide and seek come out from hiding the little girl shouted. Missy the cat again goes missing. It is not unusual with that cat,....Read More

Mother And Child Elephant Picnic

Hey Jingo, don't do that, be nice. Jingo's mother scolded the baby elephant for being mischievous. Jingo is a playful baby elephant who always want to have fun and love funny....Read More

My Pet Cat Joy

My pet cat Joy is the best one I ever had. Suddenly he appears from nowhere to disappear just like that. He is smart to look for funny things to do. He watches TV a lot and his....Read More

Mutual Help Make Things Easier For All

It was a hot summer afternoon under the bright sun. Scorching heat has made it difficult for the animals in the forest and survival became a question. It was the worst summer after....Read More

The Police Car Adventures, A Difficult Mission Accomplished

It was a hectic day for him. The police car was chasing a thief car. He asked speeding car to stop, but the car fitted with special features just ignored police car's warning. He....Read More

Fear The Rogue Elephant

He emerged from the dark without making any sound, with his tall body, the elephant stood there staring at them. The travelers got horrified by what they saw. Rogue elephants....Read More

Flower And Honeybird A Story Of A Special Relationship

One day a honeybird was flying around the flowers collecting honey from them. He can fly still in front of a flower to suck honey from it. Flowers have no complaints against....Read More

How A Dog Learnt Not To Trust Cats

One day, a little dog was playing in the garden. He saw a ball lying on the ground. He wanted to play with it but was not sure how to play the ball. So he grabbed it and started....Read More

The Little Secret

No we won't share our secret with you the rabbits told the boy. The little boy was walking through the park. He heard a whispering sound saw two rabbits whispering each other. He....Read More

What I Fear Most

Hello kids, you must have seen me flying above your head. I am an airplane taking people from one part of the world to another. Many think I am fearless. But that is not right. If....Read More

How The Proud Rooster Became Humble

Every morning the country rooster wake up early in the morning to let the world know that it's a daybreak by his crowing. The rooster was very popular in the neighborhood because....Read More

The Circus Elephant Little Johnny's Accident

One day the circus elephant little Johnny was practicing a balancing act on a football. He was confident that he can balance better than anybody else in his team. He used to get....Read More

Bait Or Not Bait? Think Twice Before You Take A Bite!

On a fine bright and beautiful day, the young fish was swimming in the sea. He thought himself smart over others. The sun was bright and everything seems to be fantastic around....Read More

The Smart Tortoise Who Fooled The Hunter Lion

One day a Tortoise was going back home after a day's hard work. He was very tired and want to reach home fast before night. Little he did know that he was being followed by a a....Read More

How A Dog Saved A Baby Boy From The Snake

Robo the brave dog is smart and clever. He has been involved in lot of rescue operations. Robo loved the beautiful world around him. On a fine beautiful day he was lazily watching....Read More

One Day I Will Be Tall Like My Dad

Giraffe saw a baby elephant coming on his way. He asked why he is so small? Baby elephant said he is small because he is a baby when I grow old I will be tall like my father.....Read More

Elephant And The JackFruit

Read More

How Ms. Funny Bunny Won The Beauty Pageant

Ms. Funny bunny is a beautiful rabbit. She was to participate in a forthcoming Forest beauty pageant. There was an irresistible first prize for the contest, a basket full of fresh....Read More

Missing Missy, A Short Cat Story

It all started with a silly fight between Missy the cat and the little girl that morning. The girl and the cat were best friends. But after the fight, things have changed. On the....Read More

Navigating Your Life

Have you ever wondered how a big ship is moving? A large number of people are behind the sailing giant. It's the concerted effort of a large number of people. Engineers, Navigators....Read More

Don't Kick Too Hard, Or You Will Lose It

"Ah, that was too painful!" The football complained Jingo. Jingo is a funny baby elephant the zoo. He thinks very smart of himself. He is everywhere in the zoo looking for fun. He....Read More

Create Your Own Posters

How about creating your own poster. You may say "me, poster? No way. I don' have expensive software or expertise and not a graphic artist it's not my cup of tea. Don't worry, let....Read More

Story Of Bingo

Bingo was a smart cat. He was always there for any help for somebody who wanted a helping hand. But he missed something. It was his dear family. At a very young age, he got....Read More

Life Of Adrian The Horse

He was a brave horse with strong legs run faster than any other animals. He loved winning races. His friends admired him for his beauty and strength. His name was Adrian. One day....Read More

Let's Play Together, The Value Of Sharing

Two cats friends were playing with a ball they found on the beach. A little boy came on their way. "Hey cats, what are you doing with my ball? give my ball back" the boy said in an....Read More

How Arnold The Elephant Saved His Teeth And His Life

Arnold was a strong elephant having a fighting spirit. He always make it a point to fight with other animals. It was his favorite hobby. He saw everybody as his enemy and thrashed....Read More

How The Rabbit Made A Narrow Escape From The Hungry Lion

Today is a very bad day for me thought the hungry Lion. He was walking in the forest with an empty stomach all day. He was both hungry and angry. He was not sure what to do with....Read More

Three Cats In A Boat

Three cats decided to go sailing. The first cat got the wood from the kitchen. Second cat chiseled them into perfect shape. Third cat joined them together. Finally they had a nice....Read More

The Black Box

Hey kids, I am an airplane flying from continent to continent. I travel long distance carrying passengers traveling for business and holidays. Every day I fly thousands of miles....Read More