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Why I Admire These Ants

Um, it's nice to meet you!

Hey kids, how are you? I want to tell you about an ant I met a few months ago. It was a summer afternoon. I met the ant on my way to drink some water. The ant was seen as busy. I asked the ant why he was so busy. He said he was collecting food for the winter. Poor guy, he is working so hard along with other ants. Anyway, it’s good for him to survive the winter.

We elephants do not care about winter

I sat there watching the ants doing their job. The ants were marching like soldiers to-and-fro, carrying loads of weight on their backs. One of the ants stopped to ask me why I was not collecting food for the winter.

I said we elephants do not care about the winter, but I admire the ant’s teamwork. I wished them all the best and left the place to drink water from the river. When I came back, they were still doing their job diligently.  These ants are too small compared to us, the elephants. But they carry loads heavier than their body. It was so amazing!

Now it’s winter. No ants are seen outside. I hope they are in their cozy homes and enjoying the food they collected.

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