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Birds Of Migration

Migratory Birds

We have come from a faraway place on our migration triptrip. It was a long tiring fly, covering thousands of miles away, across the continents, from our birthplace. We started flying non-stop a few days ago, above the mountains and deserts. We were a large group of birds, flying together, spreading our wings, and wind took us in its strong hands. Most of us made it to this new place, although unfortunately, some couldn’t make it to here, some merciless hunters killed them.

We love this, God is great!

This place is cool, seems to be a good place for us to spend the rest of our life. There is a lot to eat, good fish to catch, and plenty of fruit. Wow, God is great, who made it possible for us to fly free from the winter gripped place, where we have lived to this new place. Now we will spend some time over here.

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