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Two Detectives

Sniff your way

Time is short. We’ve to find the culprits fast!

Two detectives, Mr. Mark, and his dog, Tiger are on a secret mission to trace the robbers. They arrived at the spot they got a piece of information about where the robbers were hiding. Now, it’s a matter of tracing the culprits and putting them behind the bars.

Together, Mr. Mark, and Tiger, have a long history of solving mysterious cases with their unique operation. They are unpredictable but do their job with perfection.

Mr. Mark is best known for his ability to track thieves with his own style. He doesn’t need any help from modern gadgets or technology, either having a gun with him. His best tool is his intuition. Many liken him to Sherlock Holmes for his ability to see things nobody else sees.

Tiger is a great sniffer guiding Mr. Mark in the right direction.

Together, they are a great team. Let’s see how they will do today.

Story Discussion

Mark: Go and catch the bank robbers.

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