Three Cats In A Boat


three cats sailing in boat

Once upon a time there lived three cats. One day they decided to go sailing. The first cat got the wood from the kitchen. The second cat chiseled them into perfect shape. The third put them together. Finally, they had a nice small boat. In the afternoon, they pushed the boat into the lake. It was a difficult task to manage the boat because they were no experienced sailors. After a few hours of trial and errors, they mastered the art of sailing.

There were plenty of things to do in the boat. The first thing they did was fishing. The lake had a lot of fishes. After a heavy lunch, cats began sleeping. They did not pay any attention to the moving boat as it was going through a downstream.  Few hours passed.

A violently shaking boat woke the cats. They could not see anything because it was dark in the night heard all sorts of strange noises all around them which terrified them. They realized that they are in the midst of a jungle.  Fearful stories about the jungle and its animals came to their mind. The boat stopped moving. They had no clue about what happened to their boat.  There was no choice for them other than wait until it is morning. They fell asleep. 

Next day bright sunlight woke the cats. When they woke up they got terrified by what they saw. Their boat was in the middle of a jungle stuck between some rocks. They needed help to get back to their home. They started crying loud for help, but nobody was there to help them out.  Few hours passed a baby elephant came to the lake for drinking water. Seeing the sad situation of three cats, she decided to offer her help. The baby elephant lifted the boat with her trunk and put the boat out of the rocks. It was an easy task for her. Three cats thanked the baby elephant for timely help. Now they can start their journey back home.

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