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This Tortoise Would Like To Play

Let's play together!

A tortoise saw a monkey playing football.

“Can I play football with you?” asked the tortoise.

“Sure, you can play. Here you go!” the monkey kicked the football, and the ball rolled far away.

“Oh, you are kicking it too hard. It will take days for me to reach the ball. Please do me a favor, a small kick for me,” requested the tortoise.

“No, you are not good at playing football. Go away, or I will kick you out, just like I kicked the football,” mocked the monkey.

“Ok, kick me hard. Let’s see what happens,” challenged the tortoise, and it went inside its shell.

“Here you go!” the monkey kicked the tortoise.

“Ouch, my leg,” the kick made the monkey cry with pain. The tortoise was too heavy.

“Hey, please kick me?” the tortoise inside the shell because he didn’t feel the monkey kick.

Tortoise, out from its shell, saw the monkey crying in pain.

“Hey, what happened?” the tortoise asked the monkey.

“Sorry bro, I behaved you badly. Let’s play football,” said the monkey.

This time monkey kicked the football lightly for the tortoise to kick back. Monkey and the tortoise played football for a long time.

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