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Catching A Banana Thief

Who's The Culprit?

Somebody was stealing bananas from the monkeys. After spending days watching the bananas grow, the monkeys were disappointed to find their bananas disappearing. Who could be the culprit? The monkeys had no clue. So they appointed a detective elephant to investigate the matter.

The detective elephant started investigating the case with monkeys. It was a prestige issue for him to find the robber. The elephant was confident in finding the thief red-handed.

The elephant stood near the banana plants without moving. Nobody could recognize him as an elephant. He was seen as a big rock. The detective elephant waited for hours and hours, even without blinking his eyes, and finally caught the culprit red-handed. The culprit was none other than a monkey from their own group. The detective elephant took the monkey thief to the monkey chief to punish the robber.

The monkeys were happy with the elephant. They gave the elephant a banana as its fee.

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