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Think Twice Before You Act

This cliff is nothing

An elephant was on its way to his friend’s home. On the way, the elephant stopped at the cliff without knowing what to do next.

A lion appeared on the other end of the cliff. The lion encouraged the doubtful elephant to jump off the cliff, saying that the elephant can easily do that.

Then, the elephant remembered what his mother used to say to him.

“Think twice before you act!”

The elephant thought about it and decided to go down the hill to find a place where it could cross the river.  Down the hill, the elephant found a place where it could cross the river by walking. He crossed the river and went to his friend’s home. If he had jumped the cliff, that would have ended his life. Actually, the lion on the other end of the cliff wanted to see the elephant falling and enjoy.

Don’t be pressured by other’s encouragement. But think twice before you act!

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