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There Is No Dead End For This Elephant

the elephant overlooking the cliff of the mountain
Oops, I am Done!

The elephant found himself at the cliff of a mountain. It was an unexpected thing on its way. Down the valley, he saw a river flowing. “How can I cross this river?” he had no clue.

The elephant had no idea. Then he remembered what his mother used to say to him. If you are in doubt or confused, take time to think about the problem.New ideas come only from peaceful thinking, So, the elephant sat down to think about the next course of action.

“There is no dead-end for me. I’ll overcome this dead end. I should find a solution. There must be some way to cross the river,” he thought. Walking down the valley sideways, the elephant found himself on the riverside. The elephant was so happy.

The river was not so deep, and the elephant could walk across the river and get himself on the other side of the valley. Confidently, the elephant walked across the river.

In life, we may feel there is no solution to a problem. What do we have to do? Do not panic. Searching for a solution, you’ll find it. It may take some effort and time, but finally, it’s worth it!