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The Unexpected Mercy

Sh,sh, the tiger is behind us

The rabbits, mother, and child, were grazing peacefully in a small clearing in the dense forest. The sun filtered through the canopy, casting dappled patterns on the forest floor. The mother rabbit was teaching her young one how to find the juiciest greens and the safest spots to forage when she suddenly froze. Her sensitive ears twitched, picking up the faint rustle of something moving stealthily through the underbrush.

Before she could react, a massive tiger emerged from the shadows, its orange and black stripes blending seamlessly with the dappled sunlight. The tiger’s piercing eyes locked onto the rabbits, and for a moment, time seemed to stand still. The mother rabbit’s heart pounded in her chest as she instinctively nudged her child to hide behind her.

The tiger took a slow, deliberate step forward, its muscles rippling under its sleek fur. The rabbits were paralyzed with fear, knowing there was no way they could outrun the predator. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, the tiger paused and sniffed the air, a puzzled expression crossing its face.

The mother rabbit watched in astonishment as the tiger’s gaze shifted away from them. The tiger seemed to lose interest, its fierce eyes softening as it turned its head toward the deeper part of the forest. Without another glance at the rabbits, the tiger padded away, its massive paws making barely a sound on the forest floor.

The mother rabbit remained still, hardly daring to believe their incredible luck. Once the tiger had disappeared from sight, she finally allowed herself to breathe again. Her child, trembling and wide-eyed, looked up at her for an explanation.

“Why didn’t the tiger eat us, Mama?” the little rabbit asked in a quivering voice.

The mother rabbit nuzzled her child reassuringly. “I don’t know, my dear.  Maybe because of you, the tiger didn’t attack us. Who can lay a hand on a cute baby like you?” said the mother rabbit. The baby rabbit smiled.

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