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Beware, It's A Tornado

It's Tornado

Hello viewers, I am Barky, your reporter for Dog TV. You might be wondering what is behind me. It’s a tornado developing. I am tracking the Tornado, all the way from its start to end for the Dog TV viewers. It’s exclusive. No other media people here. So stay tuned!

A Little Bit About Tornado

A tornado is unforgiving. It comes from nowhere and takes away everything around it. All it happens within a few minutes. Nobody can stand against a tornado. So stay away from it as far as possible.

A tornado is crazy and powerful! How powerful is a tornado? Just put anything in its way. Even the cars or big trucks, a tornado throws them away. Everything will be over in a few minutes, with nothing left on its trail. I’ve never seen a tornado powerful like this.

Oops, it’s coming towards us. Crew, let’s pack up! If we stay any longer here, somebody else has to report us being caught in this crazy Tornado. Hurry up, please! Hello viewers, bye for now. See you after a few minutes.

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