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The Sweet Revenge Of A Crocodile

Don't come again face to face with me!

One day, an elephant saw a crocodile. The crocodile came out of the river for its regular dentist appointment. It was lying on the river banks for the dentist bird. The rogue elephant kicked the crocodile. The poor crocodile cried in pain, but the elephant laughed.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant, why did you kick me? I am not a football! Do you know how painful it is? What harm I have made to you?” asked the crocodile.

“I kicked you because I didn’t like your face. If you come again before me, I will do the same!” warned the elephant. The crocodile didn’t say anything to the elephant. Obviously, the croc had some other plans to take revenge on the elephant.

Somehow, the croc managed to get back to the river.

The elephant was running here and there. The elephant was madly looking for somebody else to practice its kicking.

After some time, the elephant was thirsty and went to the river to drink water. While drinking water from the river, the elephant felt like something was pulling it down. It was none other than the croc himself. The elephant cried in pain. He saw the crocodile under the water, pulling it down.

“Please leave me. Please forgive me,” cried the elephant in pain.

The crocodile let the elephant go. After that incident, the elephant never mistreated anybody.

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