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The Rat Sailor

I hope the wind is in the right direction.

The smart rat with sharp teeth saw a small boat anchored in the port. “I should go for a solo trip in this boat,” the rat thought. On a rainy night, when nobody was around, he went near the boat. Yes, he was on a mission. The rat managed to cut the boat free by applying his sharp teeth to the rope that tied the boat to the port. He did a perfect job in doing that. You know how easy it is for a rat to do that!

Hey, What The Hell Is Going On

The rat tried to navigate the boat. It had seen how the sailors were doing that on its previous journey hidden. But this time, he is all alone.

To his utter disappointment, the rat found that it is not easy as cutting the rope. The rat struggled to control the boat and faced a hard time navigating.

The rat ran up and down the pole to see how it could be turned against the wind. But he had no idea how to turn it around. The boat went zig-zag in the wind direction.

SOS, SOS Somebody Please Help!

“Oh, this boat must be crazy. It’s going to be my end,” thought the rat. The rat called for help and sent SOS. But nobody was there to hear the rat’s plea for help.

In the meantime, the boat owners searching for their lost boat found it in the middle of the sea. They managed to get near the boa. Seeing them, the rat went hiding.

The experienced sailors immediately took control of the boat and brought it back to the port. Upon reaching the port, the rat jumped out and ran away to its hole. After that adventurous trip, the rat never attempted anything he had no experience with.

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