The Pigeon Post Bird

Once upon a time, the Pigeons were busy. They were doing the mail delivery, and they did it with a great sense of responsibility. No matter whatever it comes, the pigeons made sure that the mail is delivered to the right address and in time!

I am a mail delivery Pigeon bird who worked for Pigeon postal service, lived many centuries ago. I had the tough job of delivering the mails to faraway places. I had to fly non stop to the destination for the timely mail delivery. People trusted me for their important mail delivery to friends and relatives. I had special training to deliver mails safely to their destination. I loved my job even though that involved risking my life sometimes!

My job sometimes had put me in danger. One day while I was flying over a mountain, I saw a man aiming at me who wanted to shoot me down to get a secret mail I was carrying. For a moment, I thought I am finished, but nothing happened,  I had a narrow escape from speeding bullet, it just missed me. I know that the person who shot at me had the wicked intention to get my mails, I was carrying. Despite that incident, I delivered the mail on time.

Now you are living in a modern world. I know that there are good reasons you can ignore me as there are modern means of mail delivery.  This story was just to let you know that I had a glorious past.

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