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The Hunter Tigress

Ah, here comes my beautiful prey!

This tigress is a professional hunter, shrewd and intelligent. Watch every movement of the prey, and wait until it’s the right time. But sometimes things go out of control when her prey is smart.

One day, while hunting, the tigress saw a deer. She went behind the woods to watch its prey closely to strike at the right time. The deer, unaware of the presence of the tigress, was walking towards the place where the tigress was waiting.

The deer saw a bird on the top of the tree. It was trying to warn the deer about the presence of the tigress by making some sound. The deer got alert and felt the presence of a predator. He jumped and started running. The tigress followed. But the deer was clever. It ran towards the place where some elephants were drinking water.

The tigress stopped seeing the elephant herd. She can’t go until all the elephants drink water from the river and return. That means she lost the deer.

The tigress goes back to the woods and waits for its next prey. By lunchtime, the tigress is confident that she will be able to catch something for her and her cubs.

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