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The Elephant Who Hated Rats

How dare you stand before me?

The elephant hated rats because he considered them pests. One day, a rat came before him.

“How dare you stand before me? I will kill you,” said the elephant.

“Sorry, Bro. I didn’t see you coming. Please leave me. I will never come to you again,” said the rat.

“Ok, this time I would let you go, but never come back to me again?” warned the elephant and let the rat go.

The rat went to its hole and cried a lot. He didn’t know why everybody hated him. The rat’s friend saw him crying. He told him what happened with the elephant.

“Don’t worry, my dear friend. One day will come when we will prove our strength before that elephant,” consoled his friend.

After a few days, the elephant walking in the forest fell into an elephant trap. The elephant cried loudly, but there was nobody to help him out of the pit he was in. In the evening, the elephant hunters came and brought the elephant out of the pit. They tied the elephant to a big tree with a strong rope. The plan was to take the elephant the next day because it was already night.

The elephant didn’t know what to do. It was sure that it had become a captivated elephant. Nothing more it can do. Then, the elephant saw the same rat again before it. The rat was going back to its home after a day of hard work.

“Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t know you were standing here,” said the rat, frozen with fear.

“Hey, Mr. Rat, can you help me out of this rope?” asked the elephant.

The rat saw the rope and without wasting time, it started working on the rope. The rat called all its friends for help because the rope was too strong. The elephant was freed from the rope after a few hours of hard labor,

“I don’t know how to thank you, my beloved friend. You saved me from the bond. I am sorry for my arrogant behavior. Now I know everybody has their own skill and strength, which comes in handy during difficult times,” said the elephant. The elephant thanked the rat team for helping him out.

The rats were happy. From that day onwards, the elephant has become the friend of the rats.

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