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The Cat And The Squirrels

Please stay where you are.

“Sh, sh, baby, please don’t go down. The cat who is standing there has no good intentions. The moment you touch the ground, he will attack you. Don’t move, stay where you are. The cat may play different tricks to bring you down,” the mother warned the baby squirrel about the cat.

The cat looked up at the squirrel baby. The cat wanted to eat the squirrel baby. 

“Look, baby, what I have brought for you. If you come down, you can take it,” the cat said. But the baby squirrel didn’t move and paid no attention to what the cat was telling him.

The cat played different tricks to lure the baby squirrel to come down. But the baby squirrel stayed where he was.

“Hey, Mr. Cat. Don’t waste your time here. My baby won’t come down because I told him what your real intention is,” said the mother squirrel.

After several tries to bring the baby squirrel down, the cat went its way cursing the mother squirrel all the way.

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