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The Bird Guru And The Bear

Your advice saved my day!

Billy, the bear, came to meet the bird guru, who was a great learner. Every time the bear has a problem, it visits the bird for a solution. Today, the bear came to the bird with a new issue. Another bear is claiming ownership of a honeycomb he had spotted on the top of the tree.

The bird patiently listened to the Billy’s problem. After a few minutes of silence, the bird gave the advice.

“Leave that honeycomb to that bear,” said the bird.

“What? Are you trying to make me a fool?” Billy was angry.

“No, if you listen to me, you will be smarter than the other bear, which will save your day,” said the bird.

So, Billy, the bear, finally decided to obey the bird. Billy, reluctantly told the other bear to get the honeycomb. The other bear climbed the tree, but not everything went smoothly. The furious bees saw the bear climbing, and started attacking it. The bear, who almost reached the top of the tree, lost its balance and fell from the tree.

Now. Billy was happy because if he had climbed that tree, the same fate would have happened to him.

So Billy the bear went back to the bird to thank the bird and told the bird what happened to the other bear.

“I knew about that honeycomb. The bees inside that honeycomb are strong. That is why I told you to give the honeycomb to the other bear. Just remember one thing. Sometimes it is good to leave something for good,” said the bird. The bear nodded its head in agreement.

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