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The Bear Who Caught A Snake

Oops, Wrong Catch!

The frogs in the pond assembled together to discuss a big issue they were facing. They were having a hard time with the yellow snake. The yellow snake attacks frogs, and swallows them every now and then. If they leave the snake unattended, there won’t be any frogs left in the pond.

“I have got a plan to get rid of the yellow snake,” said the frog king.

The frog king went to see the bear, with a great plan in his mind. The frog saw a bear sleeping under a tree.

“Chrome, Chrome, hello there. Good news for you,” said the frog.

“Who’s there,” the bear woke up from the sleep, annoyed by the frog’s sound.

“Hi, I am the frog king in that pond. I wanted to let you know that there are several fish in the pond. When you get time, please pay a visit to the pond and catch the fish,” said the frog.

The bear was happy. He was really hungry. The bear came to the pond to do some fishing. He put his hand into the pond to catch the fish. He got one, but when he pulled his hand out of the pond, the bear was startled.  Instead of fish, there was a snake in his hand. The bear was afraid of snakes. Because he knew that a snake bite could cost his life. One of his best friends died of a snake bite.

The bear threw the snake away. The snake hit a rock and died on the spot.

The bear came out of the pond and ran away. The frogs in the river became happy to get rid of the snake.

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