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The Adventurous Fish

Son, it's a bait, stay away from it!

The fish living in the river loved adventures, especially outdoor adventures. He always wanted to go to land and see the world outside the river.

One fine morning, the fish was swimming along with his friends. They saw a worm coming down.

“Hey, here is the catch. A worm is coming down,” said the fish.

“My dear son, stay away from it. It’s a bait,” one of the old fish advised him to keep away from the worm. But the fish was not listening. The fish went ahead and swallowed the worm that was attached to a fishing hook.

As soon as the fish took a bite of the worm, the fish was pulled out of the water. Other fishes screamed, and before anybody could do anything to save the fish, he was out of the river. The adventurous fish ended up on somebody’s plate.

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